Sunra / Miku-Max elektrische scooters

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Sunra elektrische scooters

Sunra Crystal

Simple and stylish,
you will love it at first sight

60v 20 Amp € 1899,-

2x 60v 20 Amp € 2649,-


Open size 1765*685*1040mm
Wheel base 1290mm
Tyre 90/70-12 tubeless
Max speed 45km/h
Max range 60km/120km
Front brake Disc brake
Rear brake Disc brake
Motor Sunra motor
Motor power 3000W
Meter Digital display
Battery 60V20AH lithium(portable)
2*60V20AH lithium(portable)


Sunra Robo

72v 20 Amp € 2649,-

2x 72v 20 Amp € 3399,-

Sunra Robo S

2x 72v 20 Amp € 3599,-

Sunra Robo S

Sunra Sunra Robo S

size 1800*733*1190mm
Wheel base 1305mm
Tyre 110-70-12 tubeless
Max speed 80km/h
Max range 135km
Front brake Disc brake
Rear brake Disc brake
Motor Sunra motor
Motor Power 3000W
Meter Digital display
Battery 1*72V20AH lithium( portable)

Sunra Miku-Max

€ 1999,-



Miku-Max Super (motor versie)

€ 3699,-

Engine 100% Electric FOC Sunra motor
Power 3000W
Range 135Km
Top speed 80km/h
Climb capability 27°

Size and Weight

Length 1840mm
Height 1050mm
width 780mm
Max loading 275kg
Tire Size Front:120/70-12 ” Tubeless tire
Rear:120/70-12 ” Tubeless tire


Type Portable 2*72V20AH lithium battery
Chargine Time 4 hours


Seating 2 Person
Brakes Front:Disc
Rear: Disc
Meter Type Digital
Frame Type Steel
Shock Absorber Front: Hydraulic
Rear: Hydraulic

Data Sheet SUNRA

Sunra elektrische scooters

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